Surabhi Kapoor | Shubhkart - A Film By Earth Films Production, Mumbai, India

People often use camphor or ‘Kapoor’ as it is called in India during their prayer aartis. This is done in order to ensure that the flame of the Hawan or Diyas burn brighter to help create a greater spirit of positivity and goodness around those present before God. The idea of the TVC is to launch ‘Surabhi’ a camphour brand by Shubhkart to help the flames at an auspicious aarti to burn brighter!

The TVC produced and created by Earth Films captures the warmth of an auspicious occasion.In order to make the TVC realistic and appealing, Earth Films has made use of an Indian devotional instrumental soundtrack and side props such as diyas, garlands and God idols and has used suitable lighting and cinematography.