Best Ad Film Production House in Mumbai

A group of experienced creative minds get together and put their thoughts into action to help facilitate the creation of a film for an advertisement that is not only high quality and shot with the best equipment, but also eye-catching and attractive for the viewers to see to help bring out the best of the brand that is being displayed.

A tight and meaningful brief is developed between Earth Films and their clients so that both parties are clear about what line the wish to opt for with their products in order to make the message all the more effective.

As a relatively young ad film production house, Earth Films is open to new ideas and creative thinking to make the most of every film they work on and enjoy the process while they are at it. They are a talented and dynamic lot and are headed by a group of experienced directors with years of experience in the field of advertising and films.

Over time, they have provided a strong and reliable base with respect to production with regard to several ad films from among a variety of brands. Some notable brands for whom Earth Films has successfully produced ad films for include Jiva Ayurveda, 21K school, Dr.Batra’s clinic , Mahindra and Mahindra, HeroMotocorp and many more.

Besides ad films, Earth Films recently also worked on producing a full length Documentary film- The Tails of Boo Boo and Cuddly Poo produced by Vandana Sethhi. The film showcases the plight of stray animals in India and encompasses a variety of aspects with regard to the lives of these animals. It furthermore stars several celebrities, animal welfare workers, NGOs , feeders and others who contribute towards the good cause of animal welfare maximisation. The film was shot using the best available Sony cameras and production was ensured to be top notch.

Punctuality is key and Earth Films always ensures that they deliver on time, at all times. Pre-Production work is done well in advance and is carried out professionally by those in charge who ensure that everything is in order and goes as planned on the day of the shoot.

Post-production work too is handled by a team of competent professionals who handled important work such as editing, colour correction, fine tuning, sound work etc. and ensure the footage is good to go on the big screen as per schedule.

Over the years, Earth films has excelled in making ground breaking and innovative television ad commercials for various brands and their products and hence has made a name for itself. The overall performance with respect to television ad films facilitated the coming of animated videos.

The Tails of Boo Boo and Cuddly Poo is all scheduled to release in cinemas in 2022. The documentary is eagerly awaited and has proved to be a stepping stone for Earth Films with respect to production of a full fledged film. The road ahead seems bright and full of opportunities !