Aisen Coolers

The ad for Aisen Coolers cleverly revolves around the concept of ‘One 2 ka 4’, highlighting the product's key features: one cooler with two blowers and four benefits. Set in a corporate environment, the protagonist seeks advice on which cooler to buy, receiving the consistent recommendation of ‘One 2 ka 4’ from colleagues without directly mentioning the brand. Through this repetition and wordplay, the ad ensures the catchy phrase sticks in the audience's mind, making it easy for them to recall and demand when they reach to buy Coolers. Since the brand was relatively new in the market and has a slightly difficult pronunciation, it would have been difficult for people to remember it and therefore something fun and easy like ‘One 2 ka 4’ was coined. This strategy effectively communicates the product's unique selling proposition and fosters curiosity and interest among viewers, driving them to explore the brand further.