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It is said that there are only seven basic narrative plots in all of storytelling and within these frameworks, we find endless possibilities to explore and express the human experience.

Earth Films is a leading ad film production house in Mumbai that believes in telling better stories for our clients through Television Commercials, Corporate Films, Digital Films, CG, Animation Films, and Product Demo/Knowledge Videos. We do it by partnering with creative storytellers and highly accomplished local and international directors who have years of experience in Tourism, Finance, Retail, Automobiles, Food, Fashion, Interiors, Wellness, Healthcare, Beauty and Lifestyle.

At Earth Films, we offer full video content creation from concept development, storyboarding, and scriptwriting, to sourcing talent, filming, animating and video editing. We also specialise in conceptualising with the advertising agency and the client to make content that has a real-world impact.


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Top Ad Film Makers in Mumbai

Earth Films is a creative film studio that operates on the basis of branding, strategic , creative and advertising agency in Mumbai. Earth Films operates on the basis of achieving excellence through complete creativity and versatility.The entire film-making process right from conceptualization between the agency and client, scripting, directing, pre-production, and post-production is completely managed by Earth Films to deliver outstanding and attractive films which will ensure the complete satisfaction of their makers and fulfillment of their client’s monies.Read more

Best Ad Film Production House in Mumbai

A group of experienced creative minds get together and put their thoughts into action to help facilitate the creation of a film for an advertisement that is not only high quality and shot with the best equipment, but also eye-catching and attractive for the viewers to see to help bring out the best of the brand that is being displayed.

A tight and meaningful brief is developed between Earth Films and their clients so that both parties are clear about what line the wish to opt for with their products in order to make the message all the more effective.

As a relatively young ad film production house, Earth Films is open to new ideas and creative thinking to make the most of every film they work on and enjoy the process while they are at it. They are a talented and dynamic lot and are headed by a group of experienced directors with years of experience in the field of advertising and films.Read more