Earth Films get nominated at Jaipur International Film Festival

Plenty has been said about the plight of stray animals, but not enough has been done. Then along came Earth Films and The Tails of Boo-Boo and Cuddly Poo, and suddenly heads and turning and eyebrows being raised.

The thought behind the initiative is to raise awareness about the plight of strays and sensitize the public in general to be kind to these animals. The initiative also aspired to get animal lovers to adopt strays rather than just pedigreed pets.

The Tails of Boo-Boo and Cuddly Poo quickly achieved its founding objectives as several people, including celebrities, came aboard to lend their weight to the cause – pro bono. It led to the making of a documentary by the same name, that has now earned international recognition by being nominated at the 2022 edition of the Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF).

JIFF is acknowledged to be the World’s biggest competitive film festival; even rated by filmmakers from around the world as the best-reviewed festival on the planet. This year, JIFF received around 1500 entries from 82 countries. An international jury of 28 members, drawn from 15 countries sifted through the entries to shortlist 182 films from 52 countries into ten categories. In the past, after having made the awards grade at JIFF, 32 films have gone on to win 37 National Film Awards, with one even going all the way to an Academy Award (Oscars).

For the people behind The Tails of Boo-Boo and Cuddly Poo, awards are a welcome cherry atop the icing on the cake. The cake itself is the achievement of the objective of sensitizing more and more people to the plight of strays. That the documentary is turning heads at prestigious events such as JIFF is a shot in the arm and an extra doze of motivation to propagate the cause further.

The Tails of Boo-Boo and Cuddly Poo initiative is the brainchild of Salil Jason Fernandez, who has also directed the documentary. Vandana Sethhi, Founder and CEO of Earth Films is the Producer.