New Year resolutions | Kurl-on - A Film By Earth Films Production, Mumbai, India

There is a saying ‘Early to bed, Early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise’. Kurl-On mattresses with their comfort and quality ensure that one can get a healthy good night’s sleep.

The TVC produced and created by Earth Films starts with a young couple, probably in their mid-late 20s discussing their New Year’s resolution which is to stay fit and healthy. They start off their day by working out and then go on to discuss which healthy salad they plan to eat for lunch. The question then arises, ‘What will they do at night, to maintain the healthy chain ?’ A mattress from Kurl-On, which will help them sleep peacefully for 8 or more hours due to its comfort is the answer, ensuring a 100% healthy lifestyle.

Earth Films has made the TVC rather attractive and convincing for people who wish to stay fit and healthy. The actors in the TVC performed their respective roles well and an upbeat soundtrack was used to capture the positive mood of the couple and product on the whole.